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Auto Body Repair Greensboro

Auto Body Repair Greensboro

At Aycock Frame & Body Shop, we specialize in providing excellent and well-detailed auto body repair in Greensboro, North Carolina. For more than 30 years, we have been recognized to handle the auto body repair needs of clients all over the Greensboro area. Also, we offer frame straightening, collision repair, paintless dent repair, fiberglass repair, and lots more. Whether you need a minor or full auto body repair work done on your car, you can always count on our expert team to get the job done, perfectly and excellently.

What Does Auto body Repair Mean?

Auto body repair is the process of repairing a crashed or a damaged vehicle and restoring it to its original look. As the name implies, this repair deals with the body of a vehicle, the parts and the mechanical components of a vehicle.

Auto body repair involves diagnosing the damage to a vehicle, then using a different set of tools and machines to repair and bring it back to its factory look. Maybe you are involved in a car accident, and your needs to repair the appearance of your auto, an auto body repair make your car look new again.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Deep Scratch On A Car?

Fixing deep scratch is one of the most common issues of cars nowadays. A tiny scratch can ruin the look of your car, not to talk of a deep scratch effect or if the scratches in your car have gone deep, probably down to the metal frame (the last layer of the paint) or even underneath it. The metal parts or plastic are being exposed already now, once a car scratch reaches this stage. It becomes expensive to fix. On average, the cost of repairing a deep scratch ranges from $800 - $1000.

However, the cost of fixing a car scratch varies; the extent of the damage, the length, and size of the scratch, labor costs, are all determining factors in your bills. Some other factors that can influence the cost of fixing a deep scratch are:

Cost of The Materials to Be Used: The price of the materials used in fixing your car will definitely have an impact on the total cost. A deep scratch repair will need sanding and buffing, with a proper paint finish. The sandpaper cost, fresh coats of paint, primer cost, all these contribute to the total cost.

Size and Extent of Damage: Even though it is a deep scratch, the size of the damage goes a long way in determining the cost of fixing. How large is the affected area? A deep scratch with just a few lengths might not be as costly as a deep scratch that affected a large area.

Need Auto Body Repair in Greensboro? Contact Us Today!

Get in touch with us today at Aycock Frame & Body Shop to get a quote for your auto body repair. Our services are affordable, reliable, and well-detailed. Our experts will handle your work with complete dedication and enthusiasm. You can always anticipate excellent results.

Auto Body Repair Greensboro
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