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Auto Glass Hillsboro OR

Article provided by: Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center

Auto Glass Hillsboro OR

When it comes to replacing your car windshield, you have three types of glass to choose from dealer glass, OEM glass, and aftermarket glass. Not all glasses are the same; some do not have the quality you are looking for. When you come to Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center for auto glass replacement, we make sure that we give you only the best auto glass Hillsboro OR.

What types of auto glass are available in Hillsboro, OR?

There are three main types of car glass: dealer glass, aftermarket glass, and OEM glass. Dealer glass can also be original equipment manufacturer if it is purchased from a dealer who is authorized by vehicle manufacturers to service certain vehicles.

OEM glass means that the glass is certified as genuine by a recognized manufacturer. This type of glass is of the same quality as the glass that comes out of your vehicle. However, some car owners choose to replace their car glass with other brands.

The manufacturers of aftermarket glass are companies that have been contracted directly by car manufacturers. Therefore, aftermarket glass often has the same specifications as OEM glass. The main difference between OEM glass and aftermarket glass is the fact that the latter is considered an original equipment equivalent. Some people prefer to go for aftermarket glass because it is relatively cheaper than OEM glass or dealer glass.

Why is it important to consider the technology behind your auto windshield?

In the past, windshields were mainly used to protect the driver and passenger from the weather. Therefore, the primary considerations for windshield manufacture were thickness and curvature.

Today, windshields come with a whole host of technological features including auto-dimming, heating and cooling elements, and collision warnings. To make sure these features work correctly, the experienced technicians at Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center often recommend OEM windshield replacement.

Does insurance pay for OEM windshields?

Some insurance policies do not pay for OEM windshield replacement especially if the relevant cars are older than two years old. Instead, they pay for OEE windshields. However, some insurance companies may authorize OEM windshield replacement for newer vehicles that are less than two years old.

Nevertheless, you can have OEM windshield replacement done on your car even if the insurance company will not pay for it. In that case, you will be required to pay for the difference in cost between OEM and OEE windshield.

What are the different types of car glass?

Car glass consists of the side and rear windows, glass roof, and windshield. Most car models today use laminated glass because it does not shatter into small pieces on impact. Some windshields have a UV coating to protect car occupants against UV rays.

Auto glass can be put into two main categories: tempered and laminated. The rear, front and side windows of a car are often made of tempered glass while the windshield is usually made of laminated glass.

Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center offers repair and replacement of auto glass in Hillsboro, OR. We deal with auto glass for cars, RVs, trucks, and SUVs. Choose us for the best auto glass repair and replacement service.

Auto Glass Hillsboro OR
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