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Most people do not pay attention to the maintenance of their hitch trailers. This case is because they assume that the hitch does not have a hefty operational mechanism. There are environmental and mechanical issues that may strain even the best hitch from Rhino Hitch. 

Common issues that degrade a hitch trailer


The weight distribution bar has different strengths for different tongue weights. Most consumers look at the set of bars without analyzing the mechanical specifics.

The result of mismatched bars and hitches poses the following threats:

  • Damage to the frame and hitch
  • Bouncing between the truck and trailer
  • Loss of a firm steering 


You may have noticed a few trailer brakes smoking or bursting into flames while on hilly terrain. Trailer brakes have a weighty job of pulling an abnormally heavy load. 

The most common types of trailer brakes have a drum design with the attachment of an electric magnet and a cam and arm system. This system is an alternative to the hydraulic wheel cylinder because the magnet wears out similarly as the brake shoes and tire.

It is essential to check and service the trailer brakes just as much as you service regular brakes. The parts need proper adjustment because standard truck brakes tend to self-adjust. Ignoring this aspect will cause undue pressure that ultimately damages the entire braking system. 

Excess weight

Heavy loads put a strain on every part of the towing rig. While most full-size diesel truck has substantial reserve power, the trailer pulls everything behind. Here are the most common issues that arise from an overloaded trailer train:

  • A blown shock system
  • Broken hitch
  • Worn bushings

It may be impossible to keep off the weight when you have to transport heavy items. You can counter the effects of overloaded truck accessories in Bakersfield CA by inspecting and correcting the hitch, ball mount, frame, and suspension. Add supplement airbags to keep the truck in proper form. 

Wrong ball fitting

Picking the wrong ball size is the most prevalent issue among newbie buyers of truck accessories in Bakersfield CA. The varying weights of ball sizes have different rates of pressure. You can eliminate the possibility of choosing the wrong one by checking the tongue or coupling for a stamp of the required ball size. 

Speed towing

Race tunes are fun when you drag the trailer on a flat and well-constructed road. Excess heat can otherwise cause issues such as blowing off the rear ends, weak transmissions, and excess heat of the engine’s internal parts.

Driving out of overdrive

It is best when you take proactive measures to keep the engine in its most potent state. You can follow the transmission of overdrive during hilly climbs. This setting prevents reduced temperatures, excess wear and tear and loss of airflow. 

The pressure of the tire

It is essential to keep the tow rig with proper tension to keep both vehicles and the attached RV balanced. An excessive twist on medium-duty trailer hitches will cause eventual tear and break down.


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