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Collision Repair Process Hillsboro

Article provided by: Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center

Collision Repair Process Hillsboro

Following an automobile accident, it’s crucial to find out about the collision repair process in Hillsboro. Even if your vehicle was not severely damaged and is still operational, there could be underlying issues that you don’t know about, and that could lead to severe problems in the future.

Bruce Chevrolet Collision Repair is a Gold Class collision repair shop that guarantees your vehicle will be repaired by professionals who understand the need for accuracy and safety with this process.

What are the Steps of the Collision Repair Process in Hillsboro?

There are several steps in the collision repair process that technicians follow to ensure that the task is completed as expected.

The first step is getting an estimate from your collision repair experts. The vehicle will be fully inspected, and a technician or estimator will provide you with details of the damage on a form.

In many cases, you will need to sign a repair authorization form that allows the collision repair team to do the repairs. Your insurance company will also need to approve the estimate before the task can begin.

When the Collision repair process begins, the vehicle is disassembled, and the necessary parts are ordered. All structural repairs are completed as well as cosmetic repairs for the vehicle body.

Paint and refinishing is next followed by the reassembly process and detailing. Once that is finished, the fully restored vehicle is ready for you to pick up.

What Drivers Should Know About the Collision Repair Process

Your insurance company will send out their appraiser to look over the damage and determine the cost. A competent collision appraiser will be able to identify all the damage done to your vehicle and not just those which are visible.

Be sure that the appraiser will speak on your behalf and convince your insurance provider to pay for additional repairs if needed. It’s essential to also ask about hidden damage and the process involved in those repairs.

While most insurance companies will recommend collision centers to their policyholders, you have the right to choose the repair shop you want. You are not required to go to the shop recommended by your insurance company to have the cost of repairs covered.

Who Provides the Warranty for Collision Repairs?

There are insurance providers who will tell their policyholders if they go to a repair shop that isn’t recommended by them, the repair work will not be covered under warranty. But the truth is that the warranties are provided by the collision center, not by the insurance provider. It’s always a good idea to choose a repair shop that offers a written warranty with all their collision repairs.

Choosing the Right Collision Repair Shop in Hillsboro

Individuals in need of a shop that understands everything about the collision repair process in Hillsboro can contact Bruce Chevrolet Collision Center for more details about how long the process will take and what they can expect afterward. Ensure that your vehicle will be back on the road once again by taking care of the collision repair process as quickly as possible.

Collision Repair Process Hillsboro
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