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Free Collision Repair Estimates Greensboro

Free Collision Repair Estimates Greensboro

Getting your vehicle repaired after a collision is a part of recovering from an accident. Collision repair is aimed at restoring your vehicle to the state it was before the accident. A professional repair job will have your ride back on the road with every mechanical and safety issue resolved.

At Aycock Frame and Body Shop, we offer collision repair services that revive your damaged car. Before we get started with any repairs, we'll give you the best free collision repair estimates in Greensboro. This estimate will outline the repair work that needs to be done and involved costs which you will then submit to your insurer.

Auto Body Repair

After an accident, your car will require auto body repair depending on the extent of the damages. An auto body repair includes framework, window repair, paint job, bumper repair, dent removal, and wheel removal.

Auto body shops have frame machines for frame straightening. For window repair, the work to be done will include window replacement, removal of broken glass, installation of new windows, and windshield chip repair. You can have paintless dent removal and paint job done at Aycock on any replacement part.

Once you give your damaged car over to a repair shop, they'll assess the damage then begin the repair work. They'll use pneumatic tools alongside plasma cutters to get rid of damaged parts. They will then put replacements and fit them to bring your car back to its original form.

After a Collision, is Your Car Repairable?

The ABI Salvage Code of Practice will guide you in knowing if your car can be repaired after a collision or whether it's a write-off. There are four categories of car damage, and they’re as follows:

  • A - Seriously damaged car from which nothing can be salvaged. This vehicle goes straight to the scrap yard.
  • B – A severely damaged vehicle that cannot be repaired, and the body shell has to be scrapped and crushed. Some of its parts can be salvaged for reuse.
  • S - A vehicle with structural damage that can be repaired.
  • N - The damage is mostly non-structural, and the car can be restored.

While vehicles in the A and B categories are not repairable at all, repairs for those in S and N may depend with your insurer. If the repair will cost more than two thirds the market value of the car at the time of the accident, it's likely the vehicle assessor will declare it a write-off.

Why Should You Seek Car Repair from a Trusted Auto Shop?

Seeking professional repair from an auto shop guarantees recovery of your car's roadworthiness and satisfactory services for you. A professional assessment provided at an auto shop allows you to give accurate information regarding damages and costs to your insurance providers.

An auto shop will also have the replacement parts you need for whichever make or model your vehicle is whether mechanical or electronic. They'll also have skilled personnel to carry out the repairs promptly.

Where to Get Collision Repair

If you're involved in a collision around Greensboro, contact Aycock Frame and Body shop on 336-272-1313 for the best repairs. Our free collision repair estimates in Greensboro will ensure you prepare in advance on how to cover the cost of the damages.  


Free Collision Repair Estimates Greensboro
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