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Performance Auto Plano

Article provided by: Auto Works Performance Shop

Performance Auto Plano

Performance cars have a distinct emanation of power. They look good in the town and feel great on an open road. These cars have engineering that exudes more speed than other vehicles, making the quality a trademark for their kind. The real question is whether taking a regular Polo car and pushing it to its limit makes it a performance car.

What can you expect a performance car?


High-performance cars look and feel like one even before they leave the car dealership. Most of them tend to have high-quality seats that hold firm in all road terrains and through all speed variations. A well-designed one will have a seat that feels as though it’s hugging your back, instead of the more flat shape in regular cars.


The steering of a high performance auto in Plano will be extremely sensitive to shifts. The steering wheel is tight and responds well to slight rotations. The ability of these wheels in taking sharp corners with smoothness is distinct and undeniable.


These cars have high performing engines that adapt well to rough terrains and a need for speed. Drivers of performance auto in Plano will usually customize these units with specialized kits. The aspects improve speed, steadiness on the road, and adaptability.

What is a common misconception about performance cars?

Muscle cars are sports cars

While muscle cars share a few attributes with performance cars, they do not classify as performance cars. They have a design that gives them speed. The missing link is that they have high speed for straight lines, but will exhibit shortcomings with twisted roads and rough surfaces. Apart from superior handling features, they also miss a well-functioning braking system.

How does one measure performance?

There is no set formula to define the performance of a car. Standard criteria will often be to measure the speed of competent cars against a specific distance or time. Complicated tests will include winds along the road and varying terrain setups.

These sophisticated tests are meant to compare how the car will take up turns and eventually straighten out. The braking of the car tells a lot about the overall performance. The ability to slow down is vital in managing speed and drivability.

The availability of certain features will usually highlight a car as high performing. These include:

  • A hydraulic steering system
  • Carbon fiber tub
  • A V8 engine
  • A mid-engine layout

A vehicle with at least three of these will do better than a regular car.

Where can you get affordable performance cars?

Penland Automotive stocks cars that will give you a decent performance. Our brands may not be as high end as the Ferrari, but they make a good selection for drivers who want the experience without breaking the bank. Some cars that will give you this experience include the following:

  • Ford Mustang
  • Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  • Honda Civic Si
  • Chevrolet
  • Dodge challenger
  • Mitsubishi Lancer

Our online stock of vehicles has a wide selection of cars from many more brands. Talk to us today for a price quotation and any other information.


Performance Auto Plano
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