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Radiator And Condenser Replacement Highpoint Nc

Radiator And Condenser Replacement Highpoint Nc

If your car's air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, and it's the condenser that is leaking, Aycock Frame & Body Shop would like to explain to you how to fix your leaking condenser. You can also take the easy route, and just bring your vehicle into our shop for fast and reliable radiator and condenser replacement in Highpoint, NC. If you notice that your vehicle is leaking refrigerant, you can put some ultraviolet dye in the condenser and see for sure if and where it is leaking. You can buy these cheap at Walmart and even at your local auto parts store in Highpoint.

When you pull off the front grill of the car, you mt notice that the air conditioning condenser is all wet. This is because it is leaking refrigerant. Fortunately, radiator and condenser replacement is usually a piece of cake.

Replace Your Condensor at Home

You'll likely just need to unbolt the cross member on top, which should come right off and give you access to the radiator. You might only need to unbolt the lines if all of the refrigerant has already leaked out. However, if it had refrigerant in it, you would have to use a recycling machine to use the refrigerant over again. If all of the refrigerant has leaked out, and there is nothing left inside, you can just take the lines off. Once you unbolt it, the line comes right off, and you can do the same on the bottom line. To keep air from getting into the AC system while you are working on it, stick a little piece of a paper towel inside of the exposed line.

Now, the condenser should just slide right out easily. You might have to wiggle it a bit, but that's it. Before you put the new condenser on, you'll want to put some PAG oil in it because the old condenser probably has some oil in it, and you don't want to run the system low. Just pour it right in the hole. Then, you'll get the new condenser and slide it in. Get a little AC oil, and put it on the o-ring that's on the outside, so it feels better. Slide the condenser on and stick the bolt back in. You'll want to tighten it up until the surfaces are flush. Be sure to put the bottom line on tight too.

Let Us Do it All for You

If you are not comfortable with the idea of performing your own radiator and condenser replacement in Highpoint, NC, bring your vehicle into Aycock Frame & Body Shop, and we'll take care of it for you. Radiator and condenser repair jobs are quick. Assuming that there are no cars ahead of you, we can probably have it done in about half-hour. This way, you don't even have to leave our shop and then come back for your vehicle. You can just drive in, get your radiator and condenser replaced, and then drive out.

Radiator And Condenser Replacement Highpoint Nc
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